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David Blaine DVD - Below the Above

Above the Below - David Blaine's official DVD documented his own experiences during the Above the Below challenge and with only the British press's unbalanced reports of the publics' negative perception of Blaine's stunt, the true story was never told.

David Blaine - Below the Above fills the gap, giving an unbiased, true and touching story of the events occurring below the box which went unreported.

This feature length DVD documentary tells the story of the lives of five extraordinary people who decided for their own individual reasons to live below David Blaine during his 44 day stunt in London .

The Below the Above DVD is ONLY AVAILABLE FROM THIS WEBSITE and features 100% original footage, never before seen on TV or on David Blaine's official "Above the Below" documentary.

With only a limited number of copies ever pressed up, this DVD is a must for any David Blaine fan and is a collector's piece.

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